We’re delighted to be traveling up to be part of Shannon’s Yoga weekend. We hope our SoundWave™️ will enchant you and open up the wonderful world of Sound-Medicine for you. You will have the opportunity to hear a complete SoundWave™️ on Saturday evening, and we shall be doing early morning sound meditations for those of you that are early risers. We will also be available during the weekend for one-2-one sessions or for small groups (up to 5) with a common theme, that feel they want to go deeper with Sound Healing and feel they need a bespoke approach.

About Mr & Mrs Brilliant.

Wielding the magical world of word and sound, we invite you into a powerful and unique journey of the soul. Bring your duvet and luxury pillows or simply a yoga mat and lay down and relax, let the sound vibrations transform and transport you to your place of sacred serenity.
Open to all from the newcomer (cautiously exploring new ways of being) and those more familiar with the holistic approach to well-being and being well: using sacred instruments from across the globe, we are as a conduit for the divine for you. Revealing and encouraging you to allow the healing you desire in this moment.
Comfort yourself in the warm embrace of Mr & Mrs Brilliant’s SoundWave™️.

What is a SoundWave™️?

A SoundWave™️ is our version of a sound bath. Healing and rejuvenation with sound and this has the potential to transform your being on a cellular and a soul level…
Using instruments which are designed to create specific frequencies to induce deep relaxation and rest for the mind and body. The voice and harp affect and speak to the heart directly, inviting you to soften and release tensions you may be holding onto. Sound Medicine works, without exception.
Come and experience our SoundWave™️ and see how we and it can best serve you.

What is involved in one-2-one or small group sessions?
This is far more focused that an open house SoundWave™️.
After completing a details client info sheet we will spend time in consultation with you, seeking to understand what you truly are asking for in this moment. We may use a combination of body-work, flower essences, shamanic practice and bowl placed healing before commencing the actual SoundWave™️. As a result, you will receive something that is uniquely you and deeply potent.

Early Morning Meditation. Wake up, tune in, tune up.

Zing your bodies into harmony with the gongs, bowls and mantra. Bring your whole being into harmony with the vibrations of these powerful healing instruments, helping deepen your yoga practice through your day