Student feedback Comments:

Retreat 2014 – Samye Ling – Feedback

73 year old Enid “I really enjoy the class, I’m having so much fun. The class is accessible for all of us in our ‘golden years’ regardless of our range of mobility and medical problems.

“My yoga class has changed my life. I used to be really anxious and had aches and pains everywhere. I’ve learnt how to manage stress, my body feels good and I can even touch my toes!”

Following an abusive marriage and split form my husband, yoga classes with Shannon have been empowering. My confidence is through the  roof and my daughter says I’m like a new woman….and about time too!

“Studying Yoga has transformed my personality and enabled me to interact with other people. I have suffered years of depression – yoga is my rock when I’m feeling overwhelmed and the light in my darkest hour. I have learnt so much about myself and grown  spiritually.”

“I suffered from multiple injuries from a motorbike accident and six months of physiotherapy had little affect. My friend suggested yoga with Shannon and now my body is improving steadily and a rehabilitation programme is a realistic option.”

I used to compete in triathlons until serious injury prevented doing me so. I discovered yoga with Shannon. The results have been better than I’d ever hoped for now and I’m back in competition again with yoga as an integral part of my training. I’m now a yoga convert with no time to waste – so, back to my mat and onto my bike.


I came to this class with the intention of trying to maintain my flexibility , especially in the joints.  My mum and grandma were both disabled with osteoarthritis and experienced a lot of pain and discomfort.  I don’t want this to happen to me if there is anything I can do to avoid it – hence the yoga!

I really enjoy this class.  Shannon is an excellent teacher, extremely helpful and patient, with a lovely gentle manner.  She packs a lot into each class, which is always varied and you feel very relaxed afterwards.  I have learnt so much about how the parts of the body work.  It makes you much more aware of your body and its imbalances, which you can work on correctly.  I have also met some lovely people at the class. 

I would recommend this class to anyone interested in their health, well-being and flexibility.  I always feel so much better and very relaxed afterwards and the benefits last.

Caroline P x


I started attending Shannon Riley-Gregson’s yoga class at the Ace in January 2012 when I needed to modify the regular exercise I was doing due to increasing problems caused by degeneration in my neck.  I was getting daily headaches from this.

I hadn’t seen any advertising for the class but was introduced by a friend who I had met previously.

Shannon is an excellent instructor who seems to be able to tailor her classes to everyone’s needs.  It is a very friendly class and I have felt the benefits from it.  My headaches have reduced and the relaxation and breathing techniques have helped in everyday life.  It is also reassuring to know that problems caused by older age can still improve and medication reduced or stopped, as I have done.

I also attend another of Shannon’s classes which challenges me more, but I really enjoy it.


A class to benefit those seeking strength, flexibility, an energy boost, a clear mind and  valuable guidance on alignment…. A system of breath and connected movement with a broad range of postures all linked together in a continuous flow.

If I don’t practice something I’m unlikely to get better at it …….  A good teacher always helps…….  Lucky me


10/10/13  Hi Shannon, thanks a million for last nights yoga session. Following a car crash 6 years ago, today is the first day that I have woke without pain in my back.  I wish I had found out about the power of yoga years ago!   Danny Porter

21/10/13  I look upon yoga now as a miracle cure for me ….. Doing these exercises you have given me have made me as nimble as a cat and pain free!   Danny Porter