What if I am not flexible?

Perfect! This Yoga is for you! Yoga is not about how flexible you are, but about stretching your body and spine in all directions. All that matters is that you try the right way, go to your personal edge and you will get 100% benefit! With the heat and regular practice your flexibility (and strength) will increase dramatically.

Can I lose weight?

Yes. With regular practice you can lose inches and develop muscle tone, strength and stamina. Your appetite and hormones will normalise and unhealthy cravings diminish. Between 350 to 1200 calories are burned in one Yoga class.

What if I have never done yoga before?

Yoga is for everyone. Each class is open to beginners and follows the same format whether it is your first class or if you have been practising for many years. It does not matter how well you do each posture, only that you try the right way.

Do I have to be fit?

Yoga is designed for all levels of fitness, but if you have special medical conditions or injuries, please consult your doctor first and inform your teacher before class.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides total body workout
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Encourages detoxification.
  • Excellent for healing and preventing back and knee pain, sports injuries and bad posture
  • Strengthens your immune system and increases cell renewal
  • Helps relieve arthritis
  • Balances mood, improving mental clarity, learning patience and determination
  • Regulates weight
  • Revitalises skin and reduces the effects of aging
  • Promotes relaxation and correct breathing
  • Builds overall strength, flexibility, health and vitality

How will I advance in my practice if the poses are always the same?

There will always be deeper places to experience through yoga asanas. Not only will you start opening up your body in ways you never thought possible, you will realize giving 100 percent and achieving stillness in every pose is a lifelong journey. Finding the focus, discipline and one point of concentration through the duration of the class are other ways to advance your practice. After several classes you will begin to experience the magic of yoga. Each class is like trying it for the first time all over again.